Tuesday, May 5, 2009

10 Unknown Facts about John Lithgow and Kevin Bacon

Ladies and Gentlemen, it seems the closer we get to the Summer, the busier I'm going to be. Work picks up around that time. Meanwhile, wedding planning is in full force and I've got to pick up extra shifts to save for the honeymoon in between training sessions I'll have to do for my new teaching job, all while preparing to move at the end of July. Plus, I have to find time to spend with Miss Truth (soon to be Mrs. Truth) so that she'll still have me come the end of June. It's been hectic hectic hectic and I'm way behind once again. So here are two sets of ten facts to make up at least for missed Ten Facts Tuesdays. I'll try to do better, but I make no promises.

John Lithgow is one of those beloved Hollywood stars that everyone likes but couldn't you his name. You may remember him as the older guy on Third Rock from the Sun, the crazy bad guy on The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eight Dimension, the dad from Harry and the Hendersons, or the voice of Lord Farquaad from Shrek. But there’s much more to this versatile actor that you did not know (other than his name).

10 Unknown Facts about John Lithgow:
  1. John Lithgow is one of only two native North American marsupial. The other is the opossum.
  2. John Lithgow has fifty razor-sharp teeth, the most found in any land mammal.
  3. John Lithgow will eat almost any food he comes across including small mammals such as ground-nesting birds, hares, and even baby antelope. He will also eat roots, tubers, and even crustaceans or other marine life near the shore.
  4. John Lithgow spends an estimated two-thirds of his life in the water.
  5. John Lithgow marks his territorial boundaries by whistling.
  6. John Lithgow closes his nostrils and absorbs oxygen through his skin while underwater.
  7. John Lithgow can learn to imitate human vocalizations very well.
  8. John Lithgow can hold his food in one foot and break off pieces to eat with his other foot.
  9. Researchers learn about John Lithgow's eating habits by studying his castings, or pellets of indigestible material such as bones and fur that has been regurgitated.
  10. John Lithgow is so powerful that a single kick at a predator, such as a lion, could be fatal.

As we all know, everyone can be connected to Kevin Bacon in six steps, but here are a few things you may not have known.

10 Unknown Facts about Kevin Bacon:
  1. Kevin Bacon is one of the few members of his biological family that cannot fly.
  2. Kevin Bacon travels across snow and ice by sliding on his belly.
  3. Kevin Bacon can hold his breath for twenty minutes and dive up to 900 feet deep!
  4. Kevin Bacon cannot swim in warm water.
  5. Kevin Bacon has been known to be up to four feet tall!
  6. Kevin Bacon's diet consists primarily of fish, squid, and shrimp that he catches in his mouth.
  7. When Kevin Bacon is ready to mate, he stands with his back arched and arms stretched out, making loud calls and strutting about to attract females.
  8. Kevin Bacon's primary predator is the leopard seal, which prefers him for dinner over any other creature.
  9. Kevin Bacon has soft downy feathers when he first hatches from his egg.
  10. Kevin Bacon has a specialized tongue that is rarely seen. This spiky spiny tongue prevents food from slipping out of his mouth.
You have been informed.

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