Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Tricks: A Shameless Shill Post

My first novel, New Tricks, is available on the Kindle Store (and will be available in print once I can get the proof approved).

The Twelve Realms are a land of magic, danger, and prophecy, where Chosen Ones rise to save the world in its darkest hours. But will anyone even notice when the inconsequential village of Barrowsend stands on the brink of destruction?

Everyone, even the legendary hero Olivander, knows that William, a humble boy of fifteen, has been Chosen to save the town.

There's just one slight problem.

William might not be the Chosen One...

A novel for anyone who has ever been picked last

This book has it all! Comedy! Fantasy! Action! Adventure! Pirates! Monsters! Treasure! Henchmen Unions! Dungeon janitors! And at just three bucks, you're looking at a penny a page! What a deal! Plus, Kindle owners (with Amazon Prime) can borrow the book and read it for free! Free laughs! Free thrills! What a better deal!

Plus, my wife says I shouldn't feel bad shamelessly plugging it. I got laid off last week, she's almost eight months pregnant, and diapers don't come cheap. So please, help an unemployed writer take care of his baby. If you can't get a copy or just don't want to, I understand. Things are tight all around, and comedy fantasy isn't for everyone. If you should share the link, however, I'd take that just as kindly. Again, I apologize for being shameless and self-promotey like this, but it's a rough boat I'm in now, and the baby comes before pride.

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