Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10 Unknown Facts about Jim Butcher

Ladies and Gentlemen, today on Ten Facts Tuesday we dig deeper into the world of author Jim Butcher. Those of you unfamiliar with his work will of course know of him from the Harry Dresden novels, comics, and tv show. He is also the writer of the Codex Alera books and one Spider-Man novel. He's even married to a romance novelist. But here are a few things I hope you didn't know, because, well, if you did, I'd have to change the name of my column to Ten Barely Known Facts, and that doesn't have the same ring to it.

10 Unknown Facts about Jim Butcher:
  1. Jim Butcher was once offered an Eagle Talon High Five, but declined because his hero J.R.R. Tolkien died before the practice was instituted and, to quote the eagles, "You can't high five a man who cannot raise his own arm. It's just a low five." He didn't want the honor if Tolkien didn't have one first. Eagles are currently debating changing their anti-posthumous ETHF stance.
  2. Jim Butcher is a pretender.
  3. Jim Butcher can butcher a bottle of Jim Beam like you wouldn't believe. He doesn't, but he can.
  4. Jim Butcher is not a wizard per say, but he did figure out how to do magic. See List Item 2.
  5. In the summer between high school and college, he worked as a London Chimney sweep just to see if they do dance, sing, and have animated escapades with mystical nannies. And to answer your question, yes. They do.
  6. Jim Butcher goes antiquing on Saturdays, sometimes at the Smithsonian museum.
  7. Jim Butcher once convinced NASA he was an astronaut to sneak about the international space station. See List Item 2.
  8. Jim Butcher can read with his eyes shut. He learned this from the Cat in the Hat.
  9. Jim Butcher doesn't understand the expression "he acts like his (feces) don't stink" because his, in fact, don't.
  10. Jim Butcher was the inspiration for a Foo Fighters song.
He's an interesting guy, that Jim Butcher. I'm glad I could expand your knowledge of him just a little bit more. Until next time, 

You have been informed.

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