Sunday, February 8, 2009

American Men Hate Zen

Ladies and Gentlemen, in the past I've discussed how dancing is vital to our road to self-actualization. At work recently, we hosted a dance competition, and I was at first pleased. It was wonderful to see so many Americans taking those vital steps to ensure they're able to mentally and socially reach their fullest potential. There were so very many people dancing. Then the judges announced the winners, and I was shocked to hear that almost every male in the competition was European. It seemed there were no American males dancing. If these men aren't dancing, then they'll never be able to really develop their cognitive capacities or healthy relationships. They'll never be able to understand their true purpose in life. Men of America, get out there and dance or this country will be left in the dust on the global scene. Leaders of other countries will dance and make intelligent decisions. We can't trust our leaders unless they dance. Otherwise, they'll spend their whole term going after food, shelter, safety, and sex and not make any long term goals or focus on more broad quality of life improvements.

You have been informed.

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