Saturday, September 20, 2008

4) Not a Time Traveller

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next explanation from the list.

4) Contrary to the Trekkie popular belief, Wil Wheaton cannot travel around time. However, when he desires it, time will travel around him.

Wil and Father Time got into a fight a long time ago. You know how it goes when you talk politics. They say the older you get, the more stubborn and conservative you get, and Father Time is really old. So they had a big battle of words about whether or not it's cool to make prisoners fight to the death for our entertainment. I can't really remember the specifics, but Wil ended up winning the battle, so now when Wil is walking down the street or what not, Time will yield to Wil and usually go to the other side of the street.

You have been informed.

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