Wednesday, December 3, 2008

10 Unknown Facts About: Vin Diesel.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I can't believe I missed Ten Facts Tuesday yesterday! Man, missing a day has really thrown my internal calendar off. I think I reverted to Julian instead of the proper Gregorian Calendar. Craziness. Regardless, let's get on with it, shall we?

Vin Diesel is a star of countless action movies (it's nine. I counted.) and is a self-professed geek. That's right. The man with that bald, jocular physique got that way by putting his bonus ability point every fourth level into Strength (and probably Constitution). He'll kick your butt in real life and then critical slay you in D&D when you're laid up in the hospital. But here are a few things you may not have known about this nerd-turned-knight.

10 Unknown Facts about Vin Diesel:
  1. Vin Diesel can karate chop lunch meats into deli-thin slices.
  2. Vin Diesel requires 15% fewer experience points to level up.
  3. Vin Diesel's real home is actually a secret underground lair hidden beneath his real him by a camouflaged elevator with biometric locks.
  4. Vin Diesel can train a dog to sit, stay, fetch, roll over, and do his taxes.
  5. Vin Diesel really does have polarized eyes. The producers on Pitch Black thought it was cool, so they worked it into the script.
  6. Vin Diesel has read the phone book. He says last years was better, but won't divulge any spoilers.
  7. Speaking of, Vin Diesel killed a man for telling him how The Sixth Sense ended, even after he'd already seen it. He's that serious about spoilers.
  8. Vin Diesel can knit a cardigan in 23 minutes. For those of you who have never knitted a cardigan, that's really fast.
  9. Vin Diesel is unstuck in time, though he can control it much more than Billy Pilgrim. Some suspect he's part Trafalmadorian.
  10. Vin Diesel's favorite day is Saturday. On Saturday, he can eat all the ice cream he wants.
I hope this information enlightens you and makes you realize that He isn't just a big guy in big movies or a geek made good. He's a human being. (probably.)

You have been informed.

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