Monday, December 22, 2008

Music and Dance Soothe the Savage Beast

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have previously stated the importance of dancing to human existence. Singing, it seems, is likewise important, particularly to those of a violent bent. After all, were not rival gangs the Sharks and Jets both trained in jazz-tap and vocal performance> This trend continues with Stewie Griffin's penchant for song and Hannibal Lecter's love for opera. Tomorrow evidence of a new breed of musical madman hits the digital archives. A DVD containing posts from the nefarious supervillain Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog will be available, presumably to help the public remain informed in the event of a villainous attack. 

It makes me wonder what all of the singing is for. Perhaps a good vibrato is the key to an evil laugh. They say that students of music tend to perform better at math, and a good villain should be well versed in all sciences, chemistry, atomic, pseudo, or otherwise. The music, then, would help them plot better. Or perhaps like V (you know, the one with the vendetta), they just feel it fulfills their need for the dramatic. After all, you can't dress in a flashy costume and take a name like "Mister Malcontent" without wanting some kind of attention. Music and dance, it would seem, appeal to the villainous psyche. A soft shoe and a hard heart go hand it gloved, cane-holding hand. Rock stars add to the evidence, for though they aren't as musically talented when it comes to melody and timing, rhythm and arpeggios, they also aren't as evil as your typical criminal mastermind. Crime and evil, then, must be bedfellows with song and dance. No wonder Cromwell wanted to shut down the theatres. Perhaps there is evidence that they were breeding grounds of sin and vice after all. So next time your child asks to take ballet or voice lessons, make sure she isn't planning a bank job first.

You have been informed.

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