Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fairy Tales and Monsters

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Truth is hanging christmas lights today, so I - Ms. Taken - shall be filling in.  

I have been following a news story for a couple of years now.  It's almost more than a news story, considering how deeply the journalist seems to be covering the lives of the people in it, but that's beside the point.  It concerns a small neighborhood in New York City.  Apparently, until this story started being published in a magazine, no one even knew this neighborhood existed (rumor has it that this may one day become a television documentary-reality show without voting and stupid challenges).  I imagine that every day, people still pass by it without ever knowing what a thriving, unique culture is right under their noses.  
The people in this neighborhood seem to possess supernatural abilitles.  Many are of royal blood, though few still possess their former wealth.  However, all of their histories are familiar to us.  For some unknown reason, the authors of our world have been able to record some part of their lives.  The major events in their early lives are in every fairy tale book around the globe.  I'm not sure how these writers gained the knowledge...if perhaps there are rips in space and time that link our two universes.  I do not believe I am the one who can say how it happened, only that more people must be made aware of the current events which threaten both our worlds.
Because of their abilities and histories, they felt they had to hide themselves in a tiny corner of New York City.  They say they've been here well over two-hundred years - before the United States was even formed.  They've tried to stay out of our politics and world events as much as possible.  However, in World War II they did come to the aid of the Ally forces.  And they do help us when we are in dire need.  Now, they are in need.  
They came here when their Homelands were taken over by an evil dictator.  Any who opposed him were slaughtered, and so they fled to this world.  They thought the portals of travel between the two worlds were secure.  Recently, they have become...less secure.  The launched a counter-attack most recently to try to drive away enemy forces.  They were successful, but I believe that they will need our help to sustain the resistance.  I know they will never ask for our assistance, but that is exactly why we must offer.  They are not only defending themselves, but our world as well.  The evil dictator of their Homelands is not content to stay within his world, but now has plans to invade and conquer this one as well.  If we do not aid them in their fight, we may very well be facing a threat more powerful than anything we have ever imagined.  

This is a call to arms.  I implore you to aid the Fables, as they call themselves, in their struggle against a most evil force.  If we don't help them now, we might not have another chance to stop this man before his iron fist reaches too far.   

You have been informed

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