Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 Unknown Facts About Jessica Alba

Ladies and Gentlemen, we all know Jessica Alba from her work in films such as The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Into the Blue, Good Luck Chuck, and The Love Guru. But did you know she has many talents beyond being pretty in really bad movies? I've discovered ten facts about this actress that you may not have known. Let's see what we can learn, shall we?

10 Unknown Facts About Jessica Alba:
  1. Jessica Alba always floats on her back when she eats.
  2. Jessica Alba can lift fifty times her own weight.
  3. Jessica Alba looks white, but she actually has black skin.
  4. Jessica Alba always keeps her eyes open, even when she's asleep.
  5. Jessica Alba has ears on her legs.
  6. Jessica Alba can hear and smell termites and ants.
  7. Jessica Alba was able to will with a bite from the time she was born.
  8. Jessica Alba's knees can bend backwards.
  9. Jessica Alba catches her prey by surprising it witha loud banging noise she makes with her claws.
  10. Jessica Alba has been known to eat her relatives when food is scarce.
And you thought she was just a harmless actress.

You have been informed.


Anna said...


I hate to question you

But are you sure that's Jessica Alba you're thinking of?

Only it sounds a bit like Robert Downey Jr.

Mr. Truth said...

Unknown fact #11. They're identical twins, or at least they were until Jessica was in that horribly disfiguring moped accident.