Monday, November 3, 2008

Subscriber Appreciation Time!

Ladies and Gentlemen, to celebrate this blog having four subscribers (one of my favorite numbers), I give you four sets of four facts. One set for each subscriber.

Four about Michael Glass
  1. In Covington, Kentucky where Micheal Glass calls home, strange temporal distortions swell up around Renaissance Festivals, thus putting them actually in modern times AND the Renaissance. And here you just thought the guy who refused to break character was just being a tool.
  2. Because the universe loves a good pun, strictly speaking, Michael Glass's father was a Glass maker, and thus, you can see through him when he stands in front of the TV.
  3. Michael Glass can outdrink Johnny Tarr (and not just because he died of thirst several years ago).
  4. Michael Glass is actually working hard to realize his dream of playing pool in a pool, with funoodles as pool cues, inflatable billiard balls, and six strategically placed pool filters to function as the corner and side pockets.
Four about Amera Hearts
  1. As a biotech grad student, Amera Hearts was very disappointed to learn that no one was trying to genetically engineer centaurs.
  2. Amera Hearts once won the International Truffle Shuffle Contest.
  3. Amera Hearts was afraid to move to Utah because, as the Beehive State, she was afraid to wear her hair up all the time. She was relieved to learn that they were referring to the industriousness of bees and not the frightening hairstyle when they chose their name.
  4. Amera Hearts likes music so much because it literally saved her life. One day she was crossing the street and a bus came careening at her out of nowhere. Music ran and pushed her out of the road just in time to save her.
Four about Gwenny
  1. Gwenny always expects the Spanish Inquisition.
  2. By the time Gwenny moved to California, the mont was no longer free. She had to pay $7.95 + tax for the mont. Stupid economy.
  3. Gwenny is able to follow news from around the world as well as she is not because she filters through various international news feeds, but rather, because the heads of state from 37 acknowledged countries (and one contested country), call her daily to personally inform her on how things are going in their lives.
  4. Gwenny's wardrobe does not take her to Narnia, but her tea cabinet does.
Four about Anna
  1. Fun Fact: Wales, where Anna lives, is not named for whales as most of us believe, but rather for wails. Originally, you had to be able to complain at the top of your lungs for a minimum of one hour (they didn't have minutes in those days) in order to gain citizenship. Anna practices once a week, just in case they ever reinstitute the residency requirement.
  2. When Anna says she's currently discovering Batman comics, she isn't kidding. She puts on a forehead light and searches caves and archeaological ruins for them.
  3. Following the wise advice of a favorite book, Anna takes a towel with her wherever she goes, and never ever ever panics.
  4. Two episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are based on experiences in Anna's life, though I'm not at liberty to say which two. I will say that it wasn't a two parter.
You have been informed, except for the four of you, who already knew that stuff about you.

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Anna said...

You wonderful, wonderful man! Your truthiness is truly beyond doubt. As if there was any to start with.

I'd love to know some true facts about you, dear sir...

x x