Monday, October 27, 2008

Glow, Kitty, Glow!

Ladies and Gentlemen, sleep is good. But then you knew that already, so I suppose I should tell you something you didn't know.

Scientists have cloned a glow in the dark cat. Well, a glow-under-a-black-light cat.

I understand the benefits this has to medical science and everything, and that's great. My excitement is what this means for the space program. Here we have a cat that glows under UV light. Surely there are such places, such planets, moons, and asteroids that have UV light as opposed to regular light (regular? wow that comment was so earth-centric). Organisms that evolved in such places would clearly have UV within their visible light spectrum, right? This is where I believe we discover the true intention of these scientists.

UV Kitty glows. We place UV Kitty on one of these distant places. It glows. Organisms there see it. If it gets eaten pretty quickly, we know it's unsafe for unarmed colonization. If it gets left alone, we know it's safe for colonization. If it gets petted, we know my girlfriend has access to a space ship and where the heck is she hiding that thing? There isn't a cat in the universe she won't pet. But at least we'll know we can survive there.

The next shuttle launch will be on November 14th. Do you think it's a coincidence glow-under-a-black-light kitty was cloned so close to blast off? I don't. The fact that the cat is a clone proves that they intend to explore a lot of planets. Look out space. UV Kitty is coming.

You have been informed.

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