Sunday, October 5, 2008

Keep an eye on this kid...

Ladies and Gentlemen, it appears as though after a major flood hit Algeria, a baby was found to have survived several days on its own in the mud. In Algeria. A place suffering from civil unrest. A place brimming with lions and cheetahs, leopards and jackals. A country whose GDP falls substantially below most industrialized countries. This baby survived not only unattended, but was also considered to be in "good health." There are three possible explanations:
  1. The infant used superpowers to fight off anyone who may have tried to cause it harm.
  2. The infant came from space, possibly a doomed planet that sent a child into the cosmos to avoid total extinction of their people.
  3. The infant is "unbreakable" like David Dunn, thus providing not super powers, but still some form of genetic exceptionality that makes it particularly durable.
One way or the other, to paraphrase a line from The Watchmen, there is a super man, and he (or she, it's pretty ambiguous) is Algerian. We should probably do our best to ensure that Algeria gets every opportunity to grow and develop (education grants, foreign aid, food and medical supplies, micro loans, etc), lest this child be tempted to turn to crime.

You have been informed.

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