Thursday, October 30, 2008

I should have listened...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I should have listened to myself...

Stepping back in time to see my future self post created horrors I shall never forget. So what did I do? I went back in time afterward to post a warning to my past self telling me not to do what I was currently doing, thus inspiring me to do it to find out what I shouldn't do. I created a time loop. The strange part is, knowing the horrors that would happen, I couldn't bring myself to be more specific in the post because I lacked the mental strength to dwell on the moment long enough to describe what had/would happened to past me. And so I wrote the words I'd already read, knowing full well that I would only end up investigating and causing it all to happen anyway.

And knowing in some strange way that this horror I brought upon myself was only possible because I did it only made the nightmare worse. Man was never meant to witness his future self in the past. The strain is too much on the space time continuum having two Mr. Truths who should neither be there chronologically. Reality rippled and I could see the Lovecraftian horrors that lay beyond the veil of our feeble perceptions of what is and is not real. I shall never sleep again... such nightmares, such horrors shall haunt me.

I have no choice but to wipe this event from my memory or I shall surely go mad and end my life to save myself.

Let this be a warning to you. Never travel through time to visit yourself traveling through a different time.

You have been informed.

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