Thursday, October 23, 2008

Something strange

Ladies and Gentlemen, I just noticed a post I don't recall making. I'm fairly certain no one has the password to my blog, but clearly someone does or else that post from yesterday wouldn't be there. I need to have a talk with future me about my vagueness in dire warnings. The only problem is how am I to know when specifically in the future I should talk with myself? If I go too soon into my future, then future me won't know what the problem is that I'm supposed to avoid. If I wait too long, said event I should avoid will happen anyway, defeating the purpose of the warning. That or future me will have completely forgotten what the problem was and then it still won't help me any.

Hmmm... why can't I be more specific?

I should build a time machine to find out what's up.

You have been informed.

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